Enjoy Your Walk

A Literal Walking Simulator

Born out of curiosity and a deep yearning for previous travels, after asking myself if it would be possible to get some of the psychological benefits from real life walking (as famously touted by Nietzsche and other thinkers) by hiking virtually, for those moments in which one doesn’t want to (or simply can not) go outside and enjoy actual nature.

Unfortunately I’m no scientist, and while there have been various friends self-reporting that using it produced some calmer state of mind for them,  I did realize after a while that I should not have started the project alone, and that I should have attempted to refine exactly what the prototype wanted to answer beforehand, with some polling work and research before doing any actual coding.

I do believe it’s a question still worth answering, (more now that we have had a period of time in which a massive amount of people were unable to go outside and walk freely, and not just the ones that never or rarely can, due to geographical location, economical situation, or disabilities, to name some).

I will hopefully come back to it in the future, when I am much more effective with 3D content generation / assembly and I find some like-minded individuals with a more formal background.


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