Mendel’s Clinic

An Educational game about Genes and Traits

Educational game made on comission for Legends of Learning, a US startup whose platform provides educational games in science, history and others, for a range of grades.

My roles covered getting the project signed off, designing the product, finding teammates, organizing the workload, coding and assembling the assets, teaching my sister how to use Photoshop, act on reviewer requests, shipping the product to the platform, and making sure everyone got paid for their labour.

My oversights were setting the scope too big for the budget (thankfully I was the only one who needed to crunch as a result), and not setting the art requirements and specs clear enough for the character artist (which resulted in us being a bit sour to each other for a short time).

One of the biggest challenges of the Legend of Learning projects was the required spec of getting all the games working at 30 fps on WebGL on an iPad Air 2. Unity was definitely not optimised for that use case, and it took a lot of trial and error to get it right.


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