Legal Discovery Toolbelt

Django Data Extraction and Audit Tools

Solo developer (not including server setup and stability) of a database and live set of web tools for a $500k Data Management outsourcing project for a multinational client, with a focus on large-scale digitization and analysis of paper documents.

Responsabilities included:

– Develop a toolbelt of around 10 different web tools, one or more for each stage of a legal discovery process. (Data Entry of a big amount of differently formatted paper documents, audit of such data entry, visualisation of the data with different filters and relationships to get insights, extraction of the data in a formal legal format for its presentation in court…)

– Keeping contact with the client, project manager and temas located in different parts of the wolrd (US, Canada, Germany, India) to ensure the tools kept their work as streamlined as possible.

– Adapting the platform to every team’s needs and creating new prototype proposals to improve features further.

For this purpose, I built some structure on top of the Scrapy basic package so every needed source site input can be controlled easily and effectively from an Excel sheet.


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